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How should you add plants to a modern interior home?

Are you curious about adding plants to a modern interior home? Before that, you should have a broader perspective on “how to add plants to interiors and the reasons behind it” to determine the best way to decorate your home/workplace with decorative plants.

Bringing plants/vegetation into your home seems intriguing, doesn't it? As a result, you and your family members may be discussing concerns such as maintenance, space, and aesthetics of your spaces, as well as the sorts of plants to add to your modern interior house. This article will plunge into some information to clear your obvious queries about adding plants to your modern interior.

Why should you introduce plantations to your interiors?

For people who are struggling to convince their families, here are some valid points that proves why you should add plants to your interiors.

1.They add natural color to your space

2.Plants keep you less stressed

3.Your room looks contrasted with added textures

4.It filters air through photosynthesis

5.Maintains humidity and temperature

6.Plants are versatile and go with any style

Apart from these vital facts, indoor plants make you happy naturally by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity, say psychology studies.

Things to consider before adding plants to your modern interior

Since you've decided to incorporate plants into your modern interior design now, let's look at the factors you should consider before doing so. Because, a lack of fundamental understanding of plantscaping might result in a chaotic and unorganized appearance to your interiors.

1. Analyze your Space

It's not as simple as bringing plants into your modern home and setting them wherever you want them. To begin, thoroughly and personally assess your area entirely and individually (room wise). Find and note the empty spaces, unfurnished nooks, bare shelves, and areas that demand aesthetics.

Shajo interior design studio takes care of all of these details and finds the finest interior design solution for you through a range of services.

2. Choose your style

Right after analyzing your spaces, take account of the room's brightness, circulation, ventilation, plant size, and the sort of plant that best meets your interests and the environment. Think which plant goes well with a particular space, which place allows sunlight more, which room needs artificial plants (Faux), etc.

3. Do not clutter your space

Your love for plants indoors is obvious. However, don't pile stuff up until you have a plan for your interiors. Doing so will result in a cluttered interior with debris everywhere.

4. Using large plants

Using large plants is a unique way to avoid overcrowding the area with several plants. They are ideal for minimalistic interiors when you want to highlight a certain area of your home.

5. Using small plants

Adding small plants to your modern interior gives a natural look and is easy to maintain. Small plants are viable to carry around and are versatile to the surroundings. Planning and placing your plants in the modern interiors can bring a dynamic change to your home’s appearance.

What are the famous plants to add to a modern interior?

Plants that are widely used, good for your interiors, and easy to maintain are listed below for your reference.

1.Fiddle leaf fig

2.Elephant ear plant

3.Dieffenbachia plant


5.Snake plant

6.Split leaf

7.Boston fern

8.Air plant

9.Asparagus Fern

10.Kentia Palm

How to decorate your modern interiors by adding plants?

Introducing greeneries to your interiors adds beauty, elegance, style, and life to your home. When an excellent interior design and plants go in handy, it is unstoppable for innovations to flourish. For DIY at an expert level, you have to devise a unique design plan for every room you wish to change. Here are some ways to decorate your modern interiors by adding plants to them.

Give a jungle look at the entrance.

Decorating your entrance should be your first concern if you want to give your house a green makeover. It's not only for you but for the visitors, so design the interior in a way that gives off a jungle feeling.

Women standing between plants in the home interior

A nice option is to exhibit the interiors by placing large potted plants on each side of the entrance from inside. Since the entrance is a spot that has rare sunlight, going with low-light indoor plants is a good choice.

Add a tropical theme to your living room.

“A living room must be filled with life,” so adding greeneries to your modern interiors is much more impactful in a living room. Precisely adding large plants to the corners and small potted plants to decorate your shelves and tables will naturally add a tropical theme to your room.

Living room interior with plants

If you're unsure about huge potted plants, opt for clusters. Plants that you like should be grouped together in a nice-looking planter, but not in the same sizes. When using the cluster option, group the plants in varying heights, exhibit variance in planters, and be diverse in plant varieties.

Hang the greeneries in the kitchen

Do you want to do some plantscaping but don't have the room? Hanging your greenery and turning it into a focal point in your room is the best way to avoid taking up space. Hanging plants in your room will add an instant theme and give a dynamic look. Hanging pots that have been decorated and painted will have a more pleasing appearance.

Kitchen interior decorated with plants

For a beautiful and functional kitchen with plenty of room for preparing meals and cleaning up afterward, interior designers often opt for greenery hung from the ceiling or walls.

Decorate your shelves with beautiful pots

If you have no functioning shelves or shelves with low decors, it is the right time to fill them with beautiful plant pots. Placing tiny plant pots between the objects on the shelves gives your modern interior an awesome and stylish look. You could even set a minimalistic garden on the shelf by adorning it with beautiful plants that go well with the interior design.

Shelf in an interior with plants and objects

Arranging the plants in order of size creates an orderly appearance. Choosing a striking plant will give beauty and liveliness to the room. Our recommendation is to avoid plants that leave many branches, which will occupy more spaces on the shelf. Designing your shelves with plants like monstera or philodendron would be a perfect pick for that.

Beautify your inner staircase

Greeneries in the staircase will reflect the whole interior of your home. You can walk between the greeneries indoors by decorating your interior staircase with beautiful small plants. Arrange the plants with decorative pots, stones, and decors on any side or both sides according to your convenience.

plantation in staircase with plants

Adding plants to your interior staircase will aesthetically elevate the beauty and bring serenity. Introducing plants that are versatile to the shadows of the space below the staircase will fulfill the greenery look in your interiors.

Add botanical Decor to your bedroom.

Your bedroom doesn’t need extravagant plants to decorate it. It is a place of calm and comfort. So, one or two plants to accompany you are fine. A bedroom is a place where anyone asks for very less sunlight to illuminate in. So, plants that are adaptable to shadows are the viable option.

Master bedroom interior designed with plants

Otherwise, you can go for faux plants made artificially, which add a natural look artificially to your interiors. Plants in a contemporary or minimalistic master bedroom can be large or medium potted that cover your room's nooks with green colors.

Are you struggling to have plants in your interiors because of lowlights? Go for attractive dried stems which are unique and add a distinct theme to your interiors. Giving a try by mixing both faux and dry stems can actually look nice and are low maintenance.

Ending the lesson

Designing your interior by yourself at a starter level is easy, especially with plants. However, experts should gather a lot of information about every corner of the room, know plants that fit your interiors, and be able to visualize and design better for a given space.

That’s what Shajo’s interior designers do. We analyze your space, hear your interests, determine the best theme and design it perfectly for you. So, if you want a dedicated classy and stylish plantscaping for your interiors, consult with our designers.

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