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These are the terms and conditions of your consultation and payment for services with Please read this document carefully. Please retain this document for future reference, and note that this document is subject to change upon notice to you via posting on the website at or otherwise in writing.


The ‘We', ‘us’ or ‘’ represent the Shajo Design studio.

Interior design services

  1. We will ensure that our Services are provided with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with best trade practice. For our Designs Solutions Package, we will provide you with a number of designs which will need to be approved by you in writing. We will accommodate a maximum of two revisions to your chosen design.

  2. If you require any additional services after accepting our Proposal, we will provide you with a further Proposal, which must be accepted by you in writing before we will proceed.

  3. In case, if we agree to meet with you, we reserve the right to charge for our mileage and traveling time. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if the agreed meeting date or time is to be changed. If we receive less than 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge for any costs incurred by us.

  4. Any timescales we provide are for guidance only and are not of the essence of the Contract.



  1. We will be unable to commence the works until the agreed initial payment is received in full. The remaining quoted fee (if any) is payable on completion of the design and before any drawings and plans we have produced are sent to you or your chosen contractors to begin the works, where applicable.

  2. You agree to pay our service costs and other fees as they apply to your Account, as well as fees and costs related to transactions and/or appointments and services that you engage in or receive from us. You also agree to pay all applicable state and local excise taxes.

  3. We reserve the right to issue additional progress invoices and the final invoice at any time, if the Services are delayed through no fault of our own.  We also reserve the right to request 100% of the quoted fee up front at our sole discretion.

  4. The Services will be deemed complete, and the final invoice will be issued, once our design has been provided.  We may include additional advice and support for a maximum of 2 weeks after we have issued the final documents and if this is the case, we will set this out our Proposal.

  5. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any prices shown on our Website are correct at the time of going online.   All prices are checked by us before we accept your order.  In the unlikely event that we have shown incorrect pricing information, we will contact you in writing to inform you of the mistake.

  6. All orders placed via our Website must always be paid for in advance and will be taken. We process your order and send you an Order Confirmation (this usually occurs immediately and you will be shown a message confirming your payment).  All payments have to be made using our chosen payment gateway provider.


Note: We use Razorpay as a payment gateway for paying our services. So, a separate contractual relationship will be created between you and the payment gateway provider and we cannot be held responsible for their actions or lack of actions.    


To know about the Razorpay terms and conditions, click here


Cancellation and Refunds

  1. If you are a Consumer, you have a statutory right to a “cooling off” period within which you can cancel the Contract for any reason, including if you have changed your mind, and receive a refund.

  2. In the case of Services, this period begins once the Contract between you and us is formed. If you wish to cancel the Contract within the cooling off period, you should inform us immediately by post or email.

  3. Refunds will be made to the same account the client paid for. Refund messages will be sent through either text or mail.     

Our Liability

  1. We will be responsible for any foreseeable loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of our breach of these Terms and Conditions or as a result of our negligence.  Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or negligence or if it is contemplated by you and us when the Contract is created.  We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable.

  2. We will use our own exclusive judgment when deciding upon artistic factors required for the provision of the Services.  To the extent permissible by law, we will not accept liability, and no refunds will be offered, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied due to a matter of personal taste.

  3. We may provide referrals or recommendations to other companies.  Please be aware that we may receive commission payments from these companies.  However, the decision regarding their suitability rests with you and we accept no liability for their actions or lack of actions.  


  1. We always welcome feedback from our clients and, whilst we always use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that your experience as a client of ours is a positive one.

  2. If you wish to complain about any aspect of your dealings with us, please contact us in writing in the first instance.  We will respond to your complaint within 14 days.

How we use your information

 All personal information that we may collect (including, but not limited to, your name and address) will be collected, used and held in                accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (“GDPR”) and your rights under the GDPR.

Contact Us

In case of any inquiry or complaints, kindly contact Shajo Design Studio at

Mail ID:

Ph no: +918925085888


If you are a customer, fill in the form here to get an immediate response.

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Terms and Conditions

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